Kate Nash Is Back From Australia

checked in with her MySpace friends (@katenashmusic) on Wednesday (January 6) with the following bulletin:

I’m back from Australia! The Big Day Out has been the most amazing tour. I’ve been singing with Billy Bragg, swimming with sharks, hanging out with koalas, watching Arcade Fire, Dizzy Rascal, Operator Please, LCD Soundsystem, Brand New, Unkle and many more. The people from all the places we have visited in the past month have been so cool and I’ve loved meeting everybody. We had so much fun and I’ll get a new blog up with pictures form everything in a few days. Thanks to anyone who came to the gigs.

Now I’m back home with decent cups of tea, soup jumpers & TV trying to stay awake so I can get over my jet lag and then I’m back to work next week. There’s a few things coming up, most of which I cannot remember but I think there’s a live lounge session and maybe some TV, then merry happy comes out.

I’ve also been nominated for some Brit Awards! Which is a little bit surreal. Very grateful for the nominations. You can help by voting here http://www.brits.co.uk/vote/ – if you’re from the UK.

Also I’ve been nominated for a couple of NME awards and you can vote for me at nme.com.

Other than that I’m looking forward to the UK tour dates coming up at the end of February, ‘The Black Kids’ are going to be coming with me and if you haven’t checked them out already then please do so! I think they’re so very marvelous.

Also I’ve been writing some new songs and am excited about getting some demos done, I might put some rough garage band versions up first of all like I used to do in a bit as hopefully I’ll be doing some of them live on the next tour.

Hope everyone is well and had a good January!

Lots of love

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