Kate Voegele Answers MySpace Friend Questions

Kate Voegele does a video chat answering questions posed on her blog sat down to answer fan questions pulled directly from her MySpace blog. The singer/actress was talked about what inspires her music, wanting to be in the music industry since she was 15 and learned to play guitar, wanting to collaborate with Carole King, what it’s like being a singer and actress, advice for aspiring musicians, plans to tour internationally, her biggest inspiration, and more.

“For me, my inspiration comes from a lot of different things, but mostly just things I see going on in my everyday life,” Kate said about where she gets her inspiration for songwriting. “I think my personal experience is where I find music from a lot. I want to write music that other people can listen to and feel like they can relate to.”

On her dream collaboration with an artist dead or alive, Kate said, “I wold love to collaborate with Carole King. She’s a huge influence of mine and her ‘Tapestry’ record was the first album I ever bought. I just think she’s an insanely talented songwriter and singer.”

Watch all the questions and responses below.

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