Kate Voegele Plays Her New Song ‘High Road’

Kate Voegele posted a new video where she played some of her new music and talked about preparing for the upcoming tour with as well as the upcoming eighth season of ‘One Tree Hill’. “I think it’s gonna be a cool song. Kinda fun. Right now I’m calling it ‘High Road’,” Kate said while playing the song. “It’s sort of about taking the high road. Thinking positive. I think it’s gonna be a cool song.” Watch the update via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Kate Voegele Plays Her New Song ‘High Road’

  1. jackie castillo says:

    I could not be more thrilled to hear that kate voegele is making new material. I’ve been a fan of this amazing, talented singer since she first appeared as mia on one tree hill. Kate, thank you for making music and helping me get through my high school life, keep playing that amazing music!
    your fan, Jackie Castillo
    PS. High Road is perfect so far :)

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