Kate Walsh: ‘The Real Thing’ Is My Heart And Soul

Kate Walsh 'Tim's House'

MyPortisWaspSays.com caught up with for a Q&A, where the singer songwriter talked about not watching much television, her style being whatever she puts on that day, Shamanism, recording music in blocks of four and ‘The Real Thing’ being exactly what it says on the tin.

“It is a live record, warts and all,” Kate said. “It is my heart and soul. ‘The Real Thing’ the song, the title track for the record, is about a new beginning for me. It represents doing things in reality. Trying to do things in reality in the present day for the first time in my life. Not wallowing in the past or worrying about what is ahead of me, just trying to be here and now and be a human being rather than a human doer. It’s all about the here and now.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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