Katelyn Tarver Is Moving To California

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@katelyntarveronline) on Monday (January 5), preparing to make the move from Georgia to California. The pop singer tells readers:

Hello my friends! How was your holiday?! How was your New Year’s Eve celebration?! I hope it was the best you’ve ever had.

I’m just sitting here at my house getting ready to move out on WEDNESDAY! I’m moving to California! moving to CALIFORNIA! So crazy.. I’m really excited. A little nervous but… mostly excited. I’m gonna be rehearsing like crazy right when I get out there for this new project I’m working on. I’m opening for Mitchell Musso on the 18th of January in Steamboat Springs, CO!! YAY. I’m going to be opening with my friend Malese Jow so it should be fun! I’m also singing a song with Mitchell!! So, if you happen to be skiing in Steamboat on January 18, please stop by! Hah… it’s gonna be

I also was asked to be in Mitchell’s new music video for his song “The In Crowd”. It was so cool!! I can’t wait for you guys to see it! I’m not sure when it premieres but.. I took a lot of video so expect to see my version soon. The real video should be premiering sometime this month. It was a really cool experience… I won’t give too much away but.. let’s just say I wasn’t a part of “The In Crowd” ….ha ha haaaaa.

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