Katharine McPhee On ‘House Bunny’ Success & Barbie Song

checked in with her MySpace friends (@katharinemcphee) on Sunday (September 7). The ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up writes:

Hi everyone! Wow. I again can’t believe how quickly time flies. It seems like yesterday that I was getting ready for the ‘House Bunny’ premiere. Being that it was my first premiere, I can’t tell you just how excited I was. Thank you all again for your continued support in everything. You guys helped push it to a very successful #2 opening and it’s doing amazing still. It’s been incredible. Everyone at Adam Sandler’s company as well as Sony has been incredible to work with and so supportive of all us girls and the movie. For a first experience I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Yes, the Barbie song and video has come out. I am really proud of it and had a blast making it. I loved Barbie growing up and its such a fun song and video. Things are good and there are a lot of fun things coming up. Thanks as always for all the support and encouragement. I know I say it all the time but I COULD not make it without you.

Have a great week.


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3 thoughts on “Katharine McPhee On ‘House Bunny’ Success & Barbie Song

  1. patricia says:

    Do America a favor Katharine and buy your daddy/husband some Viagra and GO HOME!

  2. keefir1 says:

    Do us all a favor,PP…..get some therapy for your ongoing obsession with men and male enhancement products!!
    Why don’t you stay home and take care of your child,instead of posting recurrent hate!!!!!!

  3. MH says:

    She’s not going anywhere, Patti—–did you hear the House Bunny’s profits tripled it’s budget? She’s signed for two more movies and her second album comes out in the spring. Sounds to me like you’ll be posting hate messages for the rest of your life lol.

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