Katharine McPhee Puts A Halt To Myspace Comment Spammers

In wake of several celebrity MySpace comments being overrun by spammers, the following message was posted on ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up Katharine McPhee’s MySpace on Friday (March 23): “Just wanted to let you know that Kat’s official MySpace comments will now have to be approved before they get posted on the page. We appreciate your patience as it may take some time to approve comments and you won’t get to see your items appear automatically. Also, text only comments are still the only ones that will be approved. Old school text comments. So if you send a comment with HTML code, we apologize in advance, but it will not be posted. The good news is it will make for a better experience for everyone who comes by the site. For the friends on this page we pass on this advice: If an offer comes your way for a free phone, free ring tones, or gift cards for various retailers…remember that it’s not likely legitimate so be careful with your personal info!”

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