Katharine McPhee Recordng Her New Album ‘Unbroken’

Blonde Katharine McPhee on the set of her 'Had It All' music video shoot posted some behind the scenes footage from the recording of her second album ‘Unbroken’.

The first is the ‘American Idol’ alum introducing the series of clips on the set of her ‘Had It All’ music video sporting a blonde hairdo.

The second is Kat doing day one of tracking at The Village with producer John Alagia, featuring commentary from her and the band.

“It’s always an interesting process because tracking is really just the band putting the foundation of the song,” Katharine explained. “Which is not what the full realized song is gonna be like. You have to have room for imagination and it sounds pretty good.”

The third is day four of tracking, where Katharine talked about pairing the songs down and sat down for a jam session before showing off some dance moves.

Watch them all via YouTube below.

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