Katie Melua And William Orbit Visit Absolute Radio

Katie Melua - London

Geoff Lloyd of Absolute Radio in London was joined by and William Orbit the other day, who played the tracks ‘I’d Love To Kill You’ and ‘The Flood,’ both of which appear on her new album ‘The House’. The pair also discussed how they ended up working together and Katie talked a bit about her childhood.

“All I remember was just not having electricity,” Katie said when asked her memories about the fall of communism in the Soviet Union while growing up in Georgia, “and then having electricity in the space of an evening. So I’d be watching like some kind of trashy soap opera from central America, because my gran would be watching it and I’d be watching it too, and then the lights would go off. It would be so annoying, just as Maria was about to find out that her dog is actually her brother, and the lights would go out, and you knew any moment the lights would come back on. We’d have this every night, so it was always quite exciting.”

Watch one of two video clips (the other was removed) via YouTube below.

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