Katie Rox Inspired After Attending New Kids On The Block Gig

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@katiesoftrox) on Saturday (November 22), after doing a live album concert in Calgary earlier this month. The former singer tells readers:

Due in part to touring schedules, and in part to just being oblivious (or out of touch, lazy….), I’ve missed a lot of great concerts that have come to Vancouver lately. Duffy, Jason Mraz, Ray Lamontagne….I’m drawing a blank here, but there have been plenty. I find this both slightly sad, but also ridiculous. “Ridiculous, why?” you ask? Because last night, I managed
to get myself out to see The New Kids on The Block. Yup. Last night, I got to live out my childhood dreams, and I did indeed feel like a kid all over again. I giggled, I used the top of my lungs to their full shrill potential and I loved every minute of it. I spend a lot of time listening to, dissecting and admiring clever, crafty, genius music (in my opinion) because and love it, and to inspire my own passion of songwriting. Last night, it was purely for entertainment and I soaked in every cheesy, heartfelt moment. Even my very reluctant boyfriend found himself laughing at the spectacle of it all. A spectacle it was, and I’m glad we went.

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