Katy Perry Bonds With A Chimp At Missbehave Photoshoot

Katy Perry and designer Jeremy Scott dance checked in from her covershoot for Missbehave magazine with Jeremy Scott, where she was sporting a new hairstyle. Katy also kisses a girl in the clip – a girl chimpanzee named Suzie.

“Welcome to the behind the scenes of the Missbehave cover shoot,” a dancing Perry said. “My favorite magazine on the face of the planet.”

Katy Perry kisses a chimp named Suzie“Do you like my new hair,” Perry asked. “This time it’s not a wig. Oh she’s changin’, it’s a new year. 2009. New hip, fun, fresh, courtesy of Aaron. We also have a very special visitor on the shoot today. Suzie.

Introducing Jeremy Scott, she said, “This is my favorite designer in the whole wide world.”

Watch the video below.

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