Katy Perry Discusses YouTube Live Show With Her Stylist

Katy Perry YouTube Live

is set to perform at YouTube Live on Saturday (November 22) at 5 PST/8 EST both in San Francisco and live streaming on YouTube.com. The pop singer discussed the concert over her laptop with her stylist from Paris, talking about what kind of outfits she’ll be wearing for the arrival, performance and afterparty. Katy said she’ll probably be performing with ‘Chocolate Rain’ singer Tay Zonday.

“We need to think about a couple of outfits of course for arrivals, and performance and then afterparties, because I’m probably going to be performing with Tay Zonday,” Katy told her stylist. “It’s gonna be in San Francisco, which is awesome. Basically it’s not just in San Francisco, YouTube can see it all over the world at YouTube.com, so it will be streamed that night and the whole world can tune in basically. We should prepare. What are you thinking? I should be like a globe or something.”

Watch the conversation at YouTube.

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