Katy Perry ‘Firework’ Video Behind The Scenes

A video documenting the people selected for her ‘Firework’ music video has been released. It features comments from some of the 250 people chosen before they’re seen on the video set in Budapest, where Perry gets teary eyed as the project comes to life. “About 250 kids that have a spark and are buzzing and fizzing and have the potential to become fireworks,” Perry says. “Music can be so powerful, and I think it can transform you, inspire you and heal you.” Watch the video via YouTube below.

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13 thoughts on “Katy Perry ‘Firework’ Video Behind The Scenes

  1. Christina says:

    Who is the guy in the music video who pushes his dad? I really want to know!

  2. casey says:

    he’s fit :]

  3. Ali Mae says:

    I would like to know who the guy who pushed his dad

  4. sydney says:


  5. xphoenixfeatherx says:

    i have searched for the guy’s name who pushes his father…i found out some answers but I’m not that sure how reliable they are=]
    ,some says he is Peter Muda Roberts other says he’s name is Sam Earle or KC Guthrie…maybe he’s also from Hungary?,do you agree?

  6. jhonne says:

    who is the guy on the first video. of fireworks?! DAMN. ha ha

  7. jhanezz says:

    who is the guy in first video?? who pushes his dad???

  8. Merssah says:

    His name is Peter Muda Roberts, and some say he’s 14.
    Why do you care anyway??!! It’s not like he’s desperate to know your name.

    He is cute though…

  9. kerz_jb says:

    he’s name is Peter Muda Roberts, he’s 4 years old… he lives in Bradford United Kingdom….

  10. amy salazar says:

    who is the boy that pushes his dad he so cute!!!

  11. sparrow summers says:

    Yeah…he’s Peter Muda Roberts.

  12. Peter Muda Roberts says:

    Hey everybody. Katy told me about all these comments and told me to comment back to all the girls that think I’m “hot” or “cute”. And I’m not 13 I’m 14 and soon to be 15 this year. I have had many questions asking if I was an actor and the answer is no, I’m not sadly. And also that little girl wasn’t my sister. And yeah I’m not single so sorry girls. And the gay guys in the video are actually dating so who ever thinks one of them are cute, well sorry to break it to ya but they didn’t get payed to make out….

  13. REGINE says:

    Omgee! :DD

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