Katy Perry Germany Trip Highlight Reel

Katy Perry on a promo tour in Germany posted highlights of her promotional trip and tour in Germany, including her ‘I Kissed A Girl’ performance on ‘TV Total’. Perry was then seen blowing bubbles with some fans before doing a round of interviews. Perry stopped by the radio station 1 Live to perform acoustic before attempting some German with the radio hosts. Perry then did an interview with the German ‘TRL’. Returning to her hotel, Katy screamed to see a mannequin greeting her in her room.

Katy Perry shows off her rack“I’m in Berlin, Germany, and even though you’ve seen me work, work, work, now I get to play, play, play,” Katy said before trying on a bunch of outfits. “I get to meet all kind of amazing designers and I have come in contact with a designer from Austria, and this is an outfit that I’ll be wearing I believe tonight that is very me.”

Watch the highlight clip via Vimeo below.

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