Katy Perry Loves Japan

Katy Perry Yukata

has been updating her Twitter followers (@katyperry) while promoting her new album ‘Teenage Dream’ in Japan. The pop singer writes:

On ward ho! Going to my FAVORITE place in the WHOLE world…TOKYO. I’m gonna puke hearts, stars, unicorns & harajuku girls, I can’t take it.

Last night I went to a Jail/Hospital themed restaurant and today they dressed me up as a harajuku girl & it’s only 3pm folks. #onlyintokyo

I had my own Yukata made for today with cheeseburgers, milkshakes & fries! Yummy!

I just played in what felt like a steam room in latex. I can’t believe I didn’t full faint… summers in Tokyo are HOOOOT!

Reason 10,782 I love Japan… a smiley face on an orange juice bottle. Why not! http://twitpic.com/2fkngk

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2 thoughts on “Katy Perry Loves Japan

  1. Kelsey says:

    Katy looks adorable in just about anything. Of course that kimono looks more like a 50’s diner table cloth or something though. lol

  2. JJtoob says:

    She looks great in a yukata, but the whole burger, shake, fries design is pretty tacky.

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