Katy Perry On The Set Of ‘Waking Up In Vegas’ Video With Markus Molinari

Markus Molinari and Katy Perry in Las Vegas shooting Katy's 'Waking Up In Vegas' music video and Markus Molinari checked in from the set of Katy’s ‘Waking Up In Vegas’ video shoot, where Markus plays a real housewife. The pair introduced several mannequin heads making a cameo in the video, ending with pretend mannequin head Ferras.

“We have a few friends that we want to introduce to you before we started the shoot because there is a lot of important cameos,” Perry said. “First of all, cameo number one, my stand-in for my music video is Markus Molinari. She is a real housewife of somewhere. She’s a real playa. This is one of our friends who is gonna make a cameo in the video, (mannequin head) Suzanne. You’re so pretty! Our other friend, she’s like newer in our crew, (mannequin head) Debbie!”

Watch it via Markus’ YouTube channel below.

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