Katy Perry Takes On Internet Haters

Altitude TV caught up with Katy Perry, where the ‘I Kissed A Girl’ singer talked about being proclaimed the next big thing, the story behind ‘Ur So Gay’, aspirations to be a television actress, and her response to the haters. “I try not to read any of that stuff,” Perry said of critical bloggers. “But I saw a comment on a post that somebody did and they’re like, ‘She’s just like all the other girls. The Kelly Clarksons and the Avril Lavignes, and she wrote that song with that so-and-so artist’, and I was like, ‘That’s so funny because I don’t even need to go on there and tell them I wrote those songs by myself, and brought them to the producer, I don’t get a #$@#, but one day that will all come out in time.”

Video of the interview has since been removed.

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One thought on “Katy Perry Takes On Internet Haters

  1. bopop7 says:

    hahahhahahahaha didn’t watch the vid but the tital is bad

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