Katy Rose Ditches Old manager, Discusses New Career Plan

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Singer/songwriter Katy Rose, who garnered much critical acclaim, but little commercial success with last years “Because I Can”, posted a new message on her message board today (www.katyrose.net), expressing to fans her disdain for her old management team, selling out, and her new album, which she calls “drastically me”. Read on for what she had to say.


I need to start this off by telling you what you may or may not already know: You guys are the most fantastic, dedicated, and intelligent fans I could ever hope for. Most of the time I hermit myself in my small world of 3 people, my car (beat up VW bug with random decor from the 99 cents store), and music. To be honest, being recognized or seeing pictures of loved ones and me on the internet -that I did not take or know who did- kind of freaks me out. I mean, the entire idea of celebrity gives me an ill feeling in my stomach…

I wish that I was healthy and strong enough (and experienced enough) 3 years ago when the record was being completed and promotion began to stand up for what I believed in. I look back now at early career moves, etc, and it’s clear that I was not really present. Here’s a problem that has always screwed me over: I hate confrontation. I used to hate it so much that I’d just let things happen so that no one would fight or be frustrated except for the demons of reason in my head. I was thinking it then and I know it now- that “Katy Rose” was not presented to the world the way I would have liked. After doing several commercial sellout type things that I was morally and musically against, I began to lose respect for myself; but rather than pulling my classic maneuver of just digging my grave deeper with depression, I got angry. Something in my head clicked back into place; and I single-handedly took the power back. I parted ways with my management company, said goodbye to things that were making me sick, I took the power back.

Here’s a little information that might make you as mad as me: I sent in boxes of photos and journals to be posted on here MONTHS ago, and – due to ex-manager turmoil- nothing has been posted. I am so sorry, you guys. That is why you are so fantastic for staying supportive; and I just want you to know that I have not and never will forget about or neglect you guys. The site will be refurbished and rejuvenated even if I have to walk from LA to New York to do it. We will be hiring someone soon to help out.

Since my band is on hiatus, and I have no manager- YOU are my army. The next record will be drastically me, because I’m playing most everything. I have at least 30 songs to tweak out on in the next couple of months before I move from the haunted barn studio. Work hard. hard.

Time for me to make my daily stop at the indie used record store down the street..

Here are some records for you to check out:
— Butter08 (note: band includes Cibo Matto and Sean Lennon)
— Tom Waits “Real Gone”
— Chicks on Speed “99 CENTS” (note: track two ‘We don’t play guitars’ features and needs to be turned up LOUD)
— Jesus and Mary Chain “Munk”
— Elliot Smith “From a basement on a Hill” (note: WARNING. Do NOT listen to if you are in a vulnerable state/ also, pay close attention to details.)
— 90 day Men ” Panda Park”
— TV on the Radio (BRILLIANT*)
— Dead Meadow

And here’s a book to read: “Hot Water Music” by Charles Bukowski

Lastly, watch the brilliantly effed up Jane’s Addiction movie called “The Gift.” with classic lines such as ” Rule number one… Never score drugs in a dress.”

So now you guys have a little homework to expand your minds in the next few days. All my love always xx

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