Katy Rose Responds To Comparisons

KriSeLen.com caught up with Katy Rose for a Q&A and asked the singer about comparisons to Avril Lavigne and Liz Phair and what she thinks sets her apart from the others. “I knew that I would inevitably be compared to other artists when I began this process,” Rose said. “The masses need something pull from when they’re exposed to new music. The general population is also rather uneducated on the topic of music. That’s fine. The fact of the matter is, is that it is blatantly obvious that I’m ‘different’ or rather that I am my own person and artist when people listen to the record and/or my B-sides ect… People will judge. That is a sad truth in life; but I just have to prepare myself for that. I basically just stay in my own world and make my own music. I haven’t really heard all that much of Avril’s music, but I commend her for working hard at whatever it is she’s doing (and the same goes for everyone else out there).”

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