KDWB Jingle Ball 2003

Contributed by Unfortunate420:

I got back from Jingle Ball 2003 pretty happy. The show started with a warm-up act by the Verizon Free-up dancers dancing to Me Against the Music (Rishi Rich Remix)…which was hot and got the fans going. The first performer was JC Chasez from *NSYNC. Not only did he suck…he jumped out of a chalk-board. He was horrible….one song that only consisted of about 9 words was about sex (which is okay but the song sucked because he was air-humping the whole time) He only did 3 songs, thank God. The first REAL performance was Maroon 5 and they did an awesome job. People were psyched for them and they rocked. Harder to Breathe was their best song of the night. Hillary Duff followed and was one of my least favorites. When people lip-sync….it is usually because they dance a lot…well Hillary lip synced all 7 songs she did and didn’t dance AT ALL!!!! She also turned around and talked to a band member during a point of the song where she should have been lip-syncing. She was horrible and her fan interaction needs work….to quote her on one of her songs, “This was my first single and if you don’t know it I’m gonna be mad at you.” Okay… well not everyone idolizes you Miss Duff. She was followed by Simple Plan. THEY ROCKED! They were my favorite act of the night. They were so energetic and sounded better then ever. They did quite a few songs and during the song Perfect the power went out. Well to keep it going they ran around stage licking and drinking out of water bottles and giving them to fans. They then too a crowd vote on whether we wanted them to continue Perfect or go to the next song. Of course we picked Perfect. They were by far the best. They were awesome with fan interaction. They talked a lot, asked a lot of questions, played a game with the audience, and got all the fans to take out lighters or cell phones and light them up and sway to one of their songs. It was awesome. They were followed by Jason Mraz…who was okay….he sang awesome but his performance wasn’t lively because he is a mellow singer and stands in one place. He was followed by the final act of the night… Miss Independent herself….Kelly Clarkson. Who blew the roof off with her singing. She didn’t look the best she ever has but she sounded great. She was ranked up there with Simple Plan. Her best song was Low. She also did Miss Independent, The Trouble with Love, Just Missed The Train, and You Thought Wrong. The whole night was topped off by KDWB radio people, music videos, and continuous music. It was kind of crazy because wasn’t there but people went crazy when we heard her song (MATM) 3 times. People were stoked. All and all it was an awesome night aside from JC and Hill’s lip-syncing.

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4 thoughts on “KDWB Jingle Ball 2003

  1. babet says:

    JC sucked?? really??? Aww…..poor JC. I wish I saw him though.

  2. babyface0192 says:

    I have a friend who went there and she said jc did a great job the only person she said sucked was Hillary

  3. Cheerio says:

    I heard lots of great reviews about JC’s performances, especially his club shows.

  4. JLBisMINE says:

    That is such a mean review!! wow. ok I went to the KDWB show JUST for JC! and I think he kicked ass!! I loved his show, it was very energetic and upbeat and it got people going. the ADIDAS song is not his best, I realize, but KoRn did the same thing and no one said their version was lame. I just think who ever wrote that review was quite biased anyways, like of course if you liked maroon 5 then you probably aren’t gonna like JC, it just kinda falls that way. I left during Hilary because she was annoying, so yeah anyways, JC ROCKED!

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