Kearns Denies Christina Aguilera Sex Tape & Seeks Legal Action

According to a posting on Christina Aguilera’s official site message board, Shelly Kearns has denied Christina’s involvement in a porno tape that is being marketed on Shelly reportedly stated, “I’ve heard about the awful and irresponsible article run by US magazine. And no, the tape (if one even does exist) is not of Christina. We are seeking legal action to go after this shameless slimeball who is trying to make money by lying at our expense.” At this point, the only sex video claiming to be Christina on file sharing king Morpheus is a beastiality clip involving sex acts with a horse (And is definitely not Christina or even a look-alike).

It’s likely this clip was worked up after the fact to take advantage of the news item & has nothing to do with the original US Weekly source.

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2 thoughts on “Kearns Denies Christina Aguilera Sex Tape & Seeks Legal Action

  1. raymond says:

    can I please see it please!

  2. hank says:

    it would be fantastic if Christina Aguilera did a sex tape, as long as it isn’t with her butt ugly hubby and instead with another woman

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