Kearns Denies Courtney Love Conversation Claim

A poster on posted an e-mail he received from Shelly Kearns who responded to the reports that Hole singer Courtney Love had make at the SXSW music conference in Austin. Courtney had claimed, “I almost had a fist-fight with Christina. I was with Linda [Perry] and she came over and said: ‘What are you doing? Writing rock for your friend, Courtney?’ And I’m like: ‘Christina , do you even know what rock is?'” Kearns responded, “Knowing Courtney, she could’ve said it, but it doesn’t mean it happened. Which, by the way, it did not. The last time Christina ever even saw Courtney was in passing in a studio and they had a short but very pleasant any negativity coming from Courtney would be a total surprise to Christina, seeing as they don’t even know each other beyond the short polite conversation.” Kearns also commented on a report that Aguilera had flipped off a concert audience.

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