Kelly Clarkson Banned From Hitting The High Notes

The Sun reports ‘American Idol’ champ has been banned from singing the note high C on TV shows. Camera crews have complained her powerful voice can damage microphones when she hits the note. But they can breathe easily for the moment – Kelly has strained her vocal cords and is trying to soothe her throat with olive oil.

Candie’s New Ad Campaign

July 24, 2003 – Contributed by bella89: Candie’s new ad campaign features Kelly Clarkson, who wore over $1 million dollars worth of jewelry from Jacob & Co. diamonds.

Kelly Clarkson Is A Candie’s Girl

July 22, 2003 – Entertainment Tonight caught up with Kelly at her Candie’s photo shoot, where she got to strut some of the shoe label’s trademark footwear and wear over a million dollars worth of diamond jewelry from Jacob & Co. “I feel like P.Diddy or something!” Clarkson exclaimed. “I’m really excited about being a Candie’s girl. I wear Candie’s flip-flops and tennis shoes all the time. When the idea came up I was like, ‘Oh, cool!'”

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One thought on “Kelly Clarkson Banned From Hitting The High Notes

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    I have to admit that Kelly’s live shows on TV are becoming quite painful for me to hear. Her voice seems to me diminishing into a twig that’s about to break. It’s not as strong and powerful as it used to be. When I first heard her sing Miss Independent on last year’s American Idol, I thought…oh no here’s another person whose trying to sing…OH…is that Kelly Clarkson??? I swear, I didn’t recognize her voice. I’m sorry, but it sounded kinda bad! She has lost it a bit. Poor girl. Fame has already overused up this talented voice.

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