Kelly Clarkson Buys Best Pal New Vette

champ Kelly Clarkson told Us Weekly last that she was going to buy her best friend, Jessica Huggins, a 1969 Corvette as a thank-you for signing her up to audition for the hit Fox show. Did she follow through? Her rep says she has and recently bought her friend a newer version of the ride, a 2003 Corvette convertible worth $55,000.

Star Turns A Non-Event Into An Event With Clarkson

December 20, 2002 – Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Observer caught up with Los Angeles attorney Jay Cooper for his reaction to the big controversy surrounding ‘American Idol’ Kelly Clarkson and how she reportedly already had a record deal violating the reality show’s rules. “We don’t have any problems,” said Cooper, who works with the three songwriters Clarkson did the demo with. “What happened was the Star took a non-event and tried to make an event out of it. The young woman did some tracks with my client for the purpose of trying to get a record deal for her. It didn’t come to pass, other than the tracks were recorded. That’s it. This whole thing has been totally blown out of proportion.”

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