Kelly Clarkson Calls Into TRL To Discuss ‘Miss Independent’

Last season’s ‘American Idol’ champ briefly phoned in to MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to talk about her new video ‘Miss Independent’, her thoughts on this year’s ‘Idol’ hopefuls, and she wished her best pal Lindsey a happy 21st birthday. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: We’re joined by the woman herself on the phone. Kelly Clarkson, hello!

Kelly: Hey!

TRL: How are you doing?

Kelly: Great. How about yourself?

TRL: We’re doing great. Your album dropped April 15th and debuted at number one!

Kelly: Thank you.

TRL: Wow, congratulations. Now, Kelly, how does it feel to be to go from an unknown contestant on “American Idol” to the top of the Billboard charts?

TRL: Well, wow, it feels like a really fast-paced job. I haven’t even gotten to let it set in, I think, because I have been going since auditions. So I don’t know. I don’t notice the change in, you know, in me. I’m a lot busier.

TRL: Right. The video looks really good. You worked with Liz Freelander, who worked with blink 182. It’s kind of reminiscent, you’re hanging out in a house, one giant party. Was it a lot of fun to make?

TRL: Oh, my god, a blast. You all didn’t get to see, but I pulled her into the karaoke part where they showed the people singing my song, but she didn’t put it in the edit.

TRL: She didn’t want to be in the video?

Kelly: Right. And I begged her. But I had a lot of fun doing it.

TRL: We know we have to ask you the question, who do you think is going to be the next “American Idol”?

Kelly: I came from the little rehearsals and I think — oh, my gosh. I’m really in love with Ruben.

TRL: So am I!

Kelly: I’m in love with Ruben. He’s talent and nice and everything.

TRL: That’s who you like. Who do you think is going to make it?

Kelly: I like Ruben, but but/don’t know if Ruben and Clay will split the vote and Kimberly will win. Is do you mind if I make a shout out?

TRL: You can do whatever you want

Kelly: It’s my best friend’s birthday, Lindsey is today. She’s turning 21.

TRL: Thank you. Have a good one.

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