Kelly Clarkson Comments On ‘Miss Independent’ Controversy

‘American Idol’ champ Kelly Clarkson spoke with The Daily Telegraph about how was upset that she performed her co-written hit song ‘Miss Independent’. “Somebody gave me this song, and it was half done and I was, like, cool,” she said. “The hook sort of had this Christina Aguilera spirit, but nobody ever told me. I think they were kind of nervous that I wouldn’t want it because of that, but I think that is completely preposterous because if it’s a good song, I don’t care.” Besides, Aguilera is getting financial gain from the track. “She is getting paid a lot of money for not even doing it, so I mean she’s probably loving it,” Clarkson said.

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11 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson Comments On ‘Miss Independent’ Controversy

  1. SpiceSquirrel says:

    What a *****y, snotty thing for Kelly Clarkson to say!

  2. ballersfantasy says:

    I agree with Kelly but it was very dumb on her behalf to say: “She is getting paid a lot of money for not even doing it, so I mean she’s probably loving it.” I think that little statement is gonna come back to haunt her. Anyways, I’m curious to see how Christina would sing it.

  3. grace_04 says:

    Kelly seems to be snapping back at Christina. Kelly shouldn’t have said “She is getting paid a lot of money for not even doing it, so I mean she’s probably loving it” part. “Miss Independent” saved Kelly’s singing career. All of the songs on her album sucks a$$. Kelly should be thanking Christina for getting her career started. Kelly is such an ungrateful b!tch, I don’t know why her album is called “Thankful”

  4. outrageous4u says:

    There’s nothing rude about that-she is getting a lot of money for it and I am sure that does make Christina happy-everybody always so quick to take things in a negative way,lighten up

  5. weebongo says:

    How the hell would Kelly know that Christina is loving it. Christina might of actually really liked the song but thought she already covered that subject on the album. Maybe she wanted to save it. Christina does have a right to be pissed.

  6. Julie816 says:

    Kelly should tell Shelly to shut the hell up about the song. Her fat cow of a daughter doesn’t own the song. Writing a few sentence in the song doesn’t mean it’s her. Shelly Kearns is a pathetic woman.

  7. musikluver says:

    good Kelly, its about time you stood up for yourself…. she has taken a lot of crap from Christina and her whining to everybody that will listen to her.. who cares .. dam.n didn’t she have enough of that when she was a child…everything that don’t go her way she screams and kicks and throws a tantrum!.. I’m tired of hearing Christina yell anyway, and Kelly did a good job with the song.. Keep singing it Kelly.. Christina is just hating because you can do it just as well as her..!

  8. hotstuff says:

    as much as I hate KC, she owned that song. I heard it on the radio, seen it on TV and for American idol, every time she performed it, she just killed it. I’m POSITIVE that she carries that song better than Christina any day.

  9. xoinnocentjrtgrl says:

    well Kelly… if it weren’t for Christina you wouldn’t have the song! be so ungrateful

  10. amusicfanofsoul says:

    what! whether the song was 1/2 done or 1/3 done the whole song and it’s production, the idea and riffs and vocals came from Christina. the song and it’s tune wouldn’t have existed to Kelly if Christina hadn’t made it. Christina should have say so in this…it’s like someone is stealing her stuff without telling her. I mean judging on Kelly’s cd….she needed a hit like this. she should be kissing Christina’s a$$ for her career. we don’t know if Christina wanted to keep it or not so we can’t judge. but if she is so called “whining” about it then she obviously wanted it for her next album. and it’s ridiculous how people here are saying Kelly had a bigger part in it and was equal to Christina’s sound. if you listened to the demo that was released, also when the fighter demo was released, then you would know that Kelly’s voice is nothing compared to Christina’s. this would have been another power vocal song if Kelly didn’t take it and do a half fast sorry vocal job on it. as for Christina, I think she should release her version and lets just see which one is bigger…i mean the demo sounded stronger than both fighter and lady marmalade. dang I wish I hadn’t deleted it.

  11. Jays says:

    You still continue to state that Christina made it. The fact is she didn’t. The vocals and riffs weren’t influenced by Christina because Kelly had no idea. She would’ve learned how to sing it the way she wants. It’s not like she has heard Christina sing it before. It’s like someone is stealing Christina’s stuff without knowing?? I don’t think it was stolen…most likely it was bought. And don’t forget, Kelly isn’t the one who bought it…other guys bought it for her and offered it. Kelly didn’t steal anything. She isn’t whining about it….you just interpreted the article wrongly. You need to learn how to analyze articles in a correct manner in order to fully understand ones view. It’s now like Christina wasn’t acknowledged for her small work on the song….on the single and album her name is stated. Demos are nothing to go by….it’s the final product that we analyze. Unless you’re a professional with experience, your COMMENTS are not VALID. I’m sorry but everyone here feeling sorry for Christina is wasting their time. Do you have nothing better to do??? In the end, it all comes down to ones personal taste.

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