Kelly Clarkson Goes On A Fashion Flashback

Kelly Clarkson gets shown an old high school photo of herself made her name on ‘American Idol’ so Wednesday night she was back on the ‘Idol’ stage to promote her new album ‘My December’. Since ‘Idol’, her look has certainly changed, so ‘Access Hollywood’ correspondent Shaun Robinson took her on a fashion flashback.

“Let me tell you what this is,” Clarkson said after seeing the old picture. “Okay, I used to think, well I have a round face. So when I was in school, in high school, I was like, maybe if I put my hair on the sides and kind of cover it, it will look smaller, but it doesn’t.”

On her 2005 Wango Tango tummy exposing performance image, she said, “I hate when people get pictures of me performing, because I look like Fluff from ‘The Goonies’. My face starts, I don’t know why, but my face starts looking bad every time I hit a note.”

On a figure hugging dress worn in 2005, Clarkson said, “This is the most uncomfortable dress in the world, but it was really pretty. It’s like a mermaid fit, and I have a lot going on down in the booty area. It fit but it was like a mermaid dress. You couldn’t manuever. We won’t do that again.”

Watch the segment via below the cut.

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