Kelly Clarkson Has Something For Everyone spoke with ‘American Idol’ champ and asked the singer if she gets a lot of kids who enjoy her music as well as adults with the success of ‘Miss Independent.’ “You know what’s weird? We went around doing errands yesterday and we got stopped by a 54-year-old woman with her husband; she’s like ‘I know I’m 54 but I love your music’ and she started going off,” Clarkson responded. “I got stopped by little kids. I got stopped by teenagers. It was really cool. I think it’s cool that just because of ‘American Idol’ I have a pretty broad listeners and everything. My mom’s favorite song, ‘The Trouble with Love Is,’ is on the album. Kids’ favorite songs are more ‘Miss Independent.’ A lot of people my age like ‘You Thought Wrong’-type songs, or ‘Low,’ which is my next single. There’s kind of something there for everyone.”

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6 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson Has Something For Everyone

  1. fighter4xtina says:

    I liked her first single, haven’t heard her her second, her first was written by girl Christina Aguilera!

  2. mel_melanie says:

    Kelly rocks! I like every song on there!

  3. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Kelly Clarkson sucks! She can screech but she can’t sing soft and sweet like the truly talented singers. Her next single, “Low”, is a horrible song and the video she made for it is boring and dull. Just like she is.

  4. mel_melanie says:

    wtf..spice… soft and sweet you want her to sing like that omg lmao. Anyways she can but lmao soft and sweet. like talented singers,w/e…..kelly rocks!

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    Kelly Clarkson is indeed a treasure for everyone. She has a very lovely personality that portrays such beauty in such a warm lovely face. And her warmth and affection through her voice when singing ballads, and raw and edgy, refreshing feel she puts into more up tempo songs, is such a breath of fresh air. I look forward to seeing great things through Ms. Kelly Clarkson.

  6. VOLCOMchik says:

    ANYWAYS!!! Kelly Clarkson is the ***** she has vocal talent that you could only dream of! everything she sings is awesome and she is awesome!

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