Kelly Clarkson Involved In Triangle Of Lies

As was reported in Star magazine last week, Kelly Clarkson’s past record dealings had her under the microscope after winning ‘American Idol’, but the singer also stretched the truth regarding her burned down home and homelessness.

Janet Harvick, who shared an apartment with Kelly until April of this year says there was no fire in their home. “There was a small fire in another part of the complex, but we were totally untouched,” Harvick explained. “I think it was funny Kelly was telling everybody our apartment was totally destroyed while we were still living in it.”

As for being homeless, as Clarkson had claimed, a source said, “That was totally untrue. She and her roommate were put up in a hotel for a couple of days while the apartments were checked for damage and then they went back to live in the apartment.”

Insiders say Clarkson made the whole story up in a shameful bid to garner sympathy while on the hit show. Her behavior since then hasn’t been much better. “Since winning, she has gone very Hollywood and isn’t keeping in touch with her friends like she used to,” according to a tipster. “She’s acting like a real prima donna.”

Having Same Problem As ‘Bachelor’ Girls

December 14, 2002 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday, “Ooh, big scandal brewing about that ‘American Idol’ winner, Kelly Clarkson. You know about this scandal? It’s like a huge deal. It’s being reported in the New York papers that she may have recorded a demo with a major record company prior to entering the contest, which means she was not an amateur. You’re supposed to be an amateur. She may actually have been a pro. Which is the same thing they’re saying about the girls on ‘The Bachelor.’ A lot of them were pros.”

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