Kelly Clarkson Is Set To Conquer The World

‘American Idol’ Kelly Clarkson, at 7/4 is favorite to win ‘World Idol’, according to, with tough competition from the UK’s very first ‘Pop Idol’, Will Young, up next at 2/1. “World Idol is guaranteed to draw a massive audience over the holiday season,” said Chief Bet Manager Michael Maerz. “Last season, offered action on American Idol, and it had proved very popular with our customers.”

Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Thankful’

December 19, 2003 – Kelly has a lot to be ‘Thankful’ for this holiday season. She tells ‘Extra’, “This is the first Christmas since I was like six years old that I’m actually spending it with my mom, my sister, and my brother.”

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8 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson Is Set To Conquer The World

  1. Misty708 says:

    she could be as popular as McDonald’s big mac with a fat ass and a mascot like face like hers what more can the third world countries ask for? sure they’re voting for this fat woman.

  2. rangergirl says:

    It will be interesting to see and hear what Kelly’s competition is like. Good luck to them all. It must be nerve racking.

  3. amusicfanofsoul says:

    She won’t conquer the world. She’s too simple. And doesn’t have a good voice at all!

    Kelly shouts with a tune, does weak vibrato, and has no control vocally. Especially when it comes to vocal scale runs. it’s not what I think, it’s what I know! I would like to see her actually do good vocal riffs with that shouting! then she could prove that she has vocal power.

  4. Kizzardkid says:

    Good Luck to her, but since they already taped it shouldn’t we know the winner already?

  5. mel_melanie says:

    What does her appearance have to do with her voice? Kelly WILL win!

    You obviously haven’t heard ALL her songs yet. Because She doesn’t shout. have you heard Angel? I believe in you and me? and lots more I bet you heard a moment like this. see I don’t get where you say she’s shouting in any of her songs, because she isn’t. She sings so awesome and she does know how to control her voice. But I don’t CARE what you think that’s why I’m not replying to this anymore but your just jealous because if you don’t like her you awfully spend a lot of time defending her. jealous J-E-A-L-O-U-S.

  6. mel_melanie says:

    That’s what YOU think. Kelly has an amazing voice? She will conquer the world? haha she isn’t trying to conquer it, its just a singing competition. and huh too simple?, haha where do you get these dumb comments?

  7. Jays says:

    No body vote for Guy Sebastian…he is a fraud!!! How can there already be a winner, if we haven’t even been given a chance to vote yet?? use your brains will you!!!!! There’s a results show which gets broadcast live around the world on New Years day. Go Kelly!!! She’s a fantastic talent. I’m so glad she won American Idol….it’s amazing to find an undiscovered talent as great as her in the United States. Those who say there’s something wrong with her only set out to do so because they either haven’t seen what she’s capable of doing, or are jealous, or favor another idol. Those who bag her image are only insecure with their own image. I must say, she is extremely good looking. She just keeps getting better and better. I’m fortunate enough to meet this fantastic person, and was touched when I had the pleasure of experiencing her kindness. GO Kel! – What you see is what you get!

  8. hellahooked says:

    I hope ‘Guy Sebastian’ doesn’t win and I’m sure he won’t win. He is not that good and I hope Kelly Clarkson wins because she deserves to win. ‘Will Young’ is no competition LOL, his recent song is crap and he can’t even sing. If ‘Guy’ does win, then those judges must be fools.

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