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‘American Idol’ champ stopped by Live with Regis and Kelly on Tuesday to talk about her new bomb of a movie ‘From Justin to Kelly’ and her tour and international promotion plans. Regis grilled Clarkson about her on-screen kiss with Justin Guarini, and she revealed how the tabloids misinterpreted their long kiss during filming. Read on for a rough transcript.

Regis: How long ago was it that you went out for the “American Idol”

Kelly Clarkson: A little over a year ago.

Regis: Just about a year ago.

Kelly Clarkson: Yeah, actually like two, three months a year ago.

Regis: Here you are major star, platinum album.

Kelly Ripa: Performing.

Kelly Clarkson: No, yeah, I love the performing. I’m about to do like a mini tour, so I’m really excited over here. Then I’m going worldwide.
Just got back from London. I performed at this big world thing. Now I’m going to go to different countries.

Regis: Were the Brits aware of your success here in America?

Kelly Clarkson: No, it’s kind of cool. I’m coming out just as a normal artist over there. They really like the stuff. It’s cool. It’s gratifying
in a different sort of way.

Regis: When they premiered your movie in your hometown at the theater you worked in —

Kelly Clarkson: I know. It was kind of funny going back, because like I used to — popcorn burner mark. I used burn myself. Now I’m coming back
— I went back to see my movie.

Regis: And you put your hand right in the cement outside the theater?

Kelly Clarkson: I wasn’t aware of that. I knew about the process. I
really didn’t think it through. The dress I wore was really, really cute. It’s one of those standing dresses. You can’t lean in this dress. It’s not a leaning dress. Justin was nice enough to hold the back of it.

Kelly Ripa: Otherwise, you’d have to do one hand at a time.

Kelly Clarkson: I don’t know what to do here.

Regis: Anybody still working there at the theater where you worked?

Kelly Clarkson: Yeah, I mean, I actually have a girlfriend that’s putting herself through college there. She’s manager. Yeah, so it’s cool. I still have a lot of family, you know, friends, family there.

Regis: It’s really an unbelievable story.

Kelly Clarkson: I know, it’s kind of cool. It’s cool to watch with Ruben and Clay now, too.

Regis: Do you watch the show?

Kelly Clarkson: I did. I watched a little of it whenever the show was on, but i didn’t get to see a whole lot. I was finishing with the album.
But I performed on there like three times. I got to hang out. Clay and Ruben are such nice guys.

Regis: Let’s talk about the movie. You were here briefly with us. We
really didn’t get into the movie that much.

Kelly Clarkson: Yeah, came to sneak in.

Regis: Are you and Justin lovers in this film?

Kelly Clarkson: Not lovers, no.

Kelly Ripa: It’s such a weird thing to hear that fall out of your mouth.

Regis: You don’t know. Could be. Is it a romantic movie?

Kelly Clarkson: It is, but it’s not like — when you say lovers, like it’s different how —

Regis: Does he kiss you?

Kelly Clarkson: — People my age perceive that.

Regis: He doesn’t even kiss you in the film?

Kelly Clarkson: We do have a kissing film. It’s not like — when you
think lovers —

Kelly Ripa: That means something else now, Reege.

Regis: When I say lovers, I’m making a jest of it, you know.

Kelly Clarkson: Yeah.

Regis: Boyfriend and girlfriend. You’re romantically involved.

Kelly Clarkson: We’re romantically involved, yes.

Regis: Is he a good kisser?

Kelly Clarkson: He’s pretty good.

Regis: Did he put his heart and soul into your kiss?

Kelly Clarkson: I don’t know. I didn’t like write down notes. We didn’t compare, you know. It was a little too much slobber.

Regis: Did you kiss him with a little vim and vigor?

Kelly Clarkson: I did. It was a very passionate kiss. It was a good

Regis: Was it a passionate kiss?

Kelly Clarkson: We wanted to make something good for the fans. People won’t leave us alone.

Regis: Was it something to remember?

Kelly Clarkson: It was, it was.

Regis: Did it make you step back and take a second look at Justin?

Kelly Clarkson: No, if you want to hear something funny from that, actually, the first time we did the kissing scene, rob was like, you know, we cut and we cut too soon and we got yelled at. Because we don’t have a lot of
time. We did it in six weeks. He said do not break until I say cut. They were like, okay, did he say c? We’re like pressed up against each other. I didn’t hear him say anything. We’re sitting there, tabloids, people with cameras. Everybody heard him say cut except for us. So it looks like we’re just keeping wh the moment.

Regis: Sure. When we come back, we’re going to take a look at a clip
of you in action, okay? We’ll be right back.

Regis: Kelly Clarkson, new movie is coming — is out now, as a matter of fact.

Kelly Clarkson: Yeah.

Regis: Yeah. Let’s see. You and Justin, what are you, on the — having — what’s the plot line here?

Kelly Clarkson: I don’t know what clip i have, but it might be the one

Regis: You’re singing a song. That’s the way, that’s the way I like
it, I like it.

Kelly Clarkson: And we do it just like that.

Kelly Ripa: His talent is staggering.

Kelly Clarkson: Yes. Unbelievable. But, no. It’s the finale scene. This is our favorite scene. We really get to dance a lot in this. It was a fun
thing to do in the studio with all the characters in the movie. We were yelling at one part, yeah. It was really cool.

Regis: Let’s look at the big finale of the movie. Here’s Kelly Clarkson.


Regis: Movie’s called “from Justin to Kelly.” It’s in the theaters right now. I hope it’s a big hit. I hope we see you soon.

Kelly Clarkson: Me, too.

Regis: Thank you so much. Kelly Clarkson right here.

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