Kelly Clarkson: Person Who Punched Perez Will Get A Lot Of Flowers

is weighing in on Perez Hilton getting minorly injured after Sunday night’s Much Music Video Awards in Toronto, which he said came at the hand of the Black Eyed Peas manager, after the gossip blogger got in the face of and called him a “fu**ing fa**ot”, perhaps breaking Canadian hate speech laws in the process. Afterwards, Hilton recklessly instructed his 1 million twitter followers via his phone to jam Toronto emergency lines to report the alleged assault. “I gotta be honest with you, he’s gonna get a lot of flowers,” the ‘American Idol’ season one winner, who also attended Sunday’s awards, told a radio station. “I’m not talking about Perez, I mean the manager… I do not think violence is the answer, but what did you expect? You can’t say that much crap about people and not be able to take something.” Watch below.

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One thought on “Kelly Clarkson: Person Who Punched Perez Will Get A Lot Of Flowers

  1. Roly says:

    Amen to that… you can’t talk crap to people’s face and not be prepared to back it up. Violence is not the answer… but neither is openly spewing hatred in someone’s face…

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