Kelly Clarkson: RCA Let A Real Talent Go In Justin Guarini

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Us Weekly caught up with ‘American Idol’ champ to discuss the ‘World Idol’ competition and the bad fortunes of fellow ‘Idol’ Justin Guarini, who has seen his participation in the reality show fizzle. “You know what? It’s sad for the record label,” Clarkson said, referring to RCA. “They let a real talent go. The boy plays piano and guitar, he writes, he sings. But I’ve talked to him and he’ll be fine.”

Headed Back To The UK

December 30, 2003 – Contributed anonymously: On Sunday (December 28), Kelly posted a new message on her official site She writes, “Hello, I’m on my way back to the UK for the World Idol finale show. you guys enjoyed the performance show. After I finish the World Idol thing I’m going to get things started with my tour. I’m really excited about touring, I can’t wait. Hope you guys have fun with the rest of your Christmas vacation, and happy new year! God bless. Kelly :)”

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2 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson: RCA Let A Real Talent Go In Justin Guarini

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    So what? He sucks, and you know that Kelly, you’re just being nice because of all those night he pounded you.

  2. getalifeyall says:

    Yeah, because a guy and a girl can’t be close unless the girl is getting “pounded”. *rolls eyes*

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