Kelly Clarkson Uses Steroids To Save Her Voice

Star magazine reports came dangerously close to losing her voice and had to undergo a powerful steroid prednisone treatment for two months to save it. “Kelly started taking the prednisone when she began recording her album,” says a friend. “She was sometimes working up to 18 hours a day. It’s not the amount she sings, though, but the way she sings that causes the problem. She never learned the proper way to sing for long periods, so she was causing damage that could lead to vocal-cord nodules and other throat problems.” Many have commented that Clarkson had a poor performance on Wednesday’s finale of ‘American Idol’, sounding like she was yelling rather than singing.

Kelly Clarkson Weighs In On Final Two Idols

May 15, 2003 – Entertainment Tonight quizzed Kelly on who she feels will win next week’s final between and Ruben Studdard. “I am a big Ruben fan … but Clay has just really proved himself,” Kelly commented. “It doesn’t matter who wins, they’re both going to get something out of it and they’re both very talented.”

Kelly Clarkson And Clive Davis Take Part In ‘Idol’ Chatter

May 15, 2003 – Kelly and her RCA label boss Clive Davis were on CNN Live Today with Daryn Kagan. Kelly was asked what’s in store for this season’s winner, which will be either or Ruben Studdard. “Right after, whoever wins will be very, very busy for the next year or so,” she said. “But I mean, it’s exciting. So that’s what we all want — we want a record deal and we want to perform, so…” As for her advice to the winner? “Well, one, not as a joke, all seriousness, I would get sleep. And two, just have fun. Because when it stops being fun, it’s not worth doing. So, yes, make sure you are having fun.” Read more.

Kelly Clarkson Thanks Simon Cowell For His Nastiness

May 14, 2003 – Kelly is thanking Simon Cowell for toughening her up for the music business. “Simon is mean with what he says, but he’s usually right. He prepared me for critics. Now that my album’s out, I think: ‘Whatever you say, compared to Simon, you’re nothing!'”

Kelly Clarkson Fans Launch ‘Operation Thankful’

May 11, 2003 – Kelly’s rep denied to Us Weekly that last season’s ‘American Idol’ champ planned on holding any concerts in Iraq. Her music will make its way over their thanks to the efforts of ‘Operation Thankful’, a campaign started by Clarkson fans to provide free copies of the CD to the music starved troops. Organizer Lynda Shulman says, “We were looking for an opportunity to express our gratitude. What better way to do that than with ‘Thankful’?”

Kelly Clarkson Distances Herself From ‘Idol’ For New Video

May 5, 2003 – Contributed by skiplest: MTV News interviewed Kelly on the set of the video of her new single, ‘Miss Independent.’ The singer revealed she has one condition for the video: make no reference to ‘American Idol’. “We’re not gonna show clips like we did in ‘A Moment Like This.’ Like, we’re not gonna show all the other women in the show being independent. No, that won’t happen.” Read more.

Kelly Clarkson Is In It For The Long Haul

May 4, 2003 – Always optimistic, Kelly tells the Canadian Press she’ll have no trouble separating herself from the rest of the ‘American Idol’ pack. “I will keep singing and making records. I am in this for the long run whether people want me here or not,” she insisted. “Critics can say all they want, apparently fans are liking (the album). Of course you want to establish yourself as an artist. But I have. I made my own CD. That wasn’t done on a TV show. I picked the music, I wrote the music.”

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