Kelly Clarkson Wraps Movie, Sets Album Release Date

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The Fan Club announced that the movie ‘From Justin To Kelly’, starring winner and runner-up Justin Guarini has officially wrapped. The tentative release date is April 25th. In other Kelly news, has finally set the official release date for Kelly’s debut album–April 15th.

A Chunky Swimsuit Scene In ‘From Justin To Kelly’

February 10, 2003 – The Chicago Sun-Times reports sources on the set of the ‘From Justin to Kelly’ film point out that a great deal of time has been spent to showcase ‘American Idol’ winner Kelly Clarkson in the best light. “She’s cute, but let’s face it, she doesn’t have a perfect body, or anything,” said a production staffer. “When we shot a beach scene with everyone in swimsuits, it was very obvious that all the extras surrounding Kelly were a bit on the chunky side. …They don’t want to have the other girls showing her up.”

Kelly Clarkson In Gay Movie

January 31, 2003 – Contributed anonymously: Before she was an ‘American Idol’, Kelly Clarkson appeared in a gay video. The film, Issues 101, tells the story of student running for president of a fictional college’s Greek system. Clarkson plays a coed who is asked by a fellow undergrad to have sex and then is seen leaving with the guy. Check out more at

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    hey just wondering when the 2008/09 album is coming out

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