Kelly Lashes Out At Boyfriend Stealing Natalie Imbruglia

The Mirror reports Kelly Osbourne unleashed her wrath on Natalie Imbruglia at the ARIA Awards on Tuesday calling the L’Oreal model a cu** several times and pretended to be asleep, snoring loudly during Nat’s performance. Kelly says that it was Imbruglia that stole her sister Aimee’s boyfriend Daniel Johns of Silverchair, who currently is suffering from an arthritic condition. “This bitch thinks she’s the Mother Teresa of pop music because she’s supposedly nursing Daniel,” Kelly fumed. “Well, she saw him just once in the first half of the year and he was so sick in bed.”

Kelly Osbourne Films ‘Shut Up!’ Video

Kelly Osbourne’s official website announced her new album is officially called ‘Shut Up!’, and her next video will be the single that is the same name. Check out photos from her ‘Shut Up!’ video shoot in Los Angeles from last week at

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