Kelly Osbourne Blasts Axl Rose

words for Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose from in the March issue of Chart magazine. Asked if the singer was bald, Kelly says, “Yes, he is bald. I think he wears hair extensions. But I think his problem is his head is shoved too far up his ass. If he was a little, like, in the real world, maybe he’d realize he’s fu**ing himself up.” But what about her own hair? “[I’ve] never worn a wig – I’ve had hair extensions before, but it is my real hair.”

Kelly Osbourne Turned Away From

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that on Saturday night, Kelly Osbourne tried to enter Rain — but was denied admission. “She is 18, and you need to be 21 to get in, no matter how famous you think you are,” a N9NE executive sniffed.

Kelly Osbourne’s New Rocker Boyfriend Chad Gilbert

People magazine is reporting that Kelly Osbourne is now dating New Found Glory guitarist, Chad Gilbert. The two had been friends for several months but grew closer after Osbourne and Bert McCracken of the Used broke up. Neither of their reps would comment.

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4 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne Blasts Axl Rose

  1. W. Axl Rose says:

    Kelly you stupid bitch. I don’t care what you say this is my real hair and you are a cu**.

  2. Duff McKagan says:

    Hey Axl, I wanna talk about a possible reunion. Call me.

  3. slash says:

    at least my former band mate can sing and he didn’t get a record contract because daddy is the prince of darkness.

    Kelly should of took up Axl’s offer for sex maybe Ozzy’s D.N.A and Axl’s would mix and create Oxzzl Rosebourne

  4. Achilles says:

    Dearest Kelly, How can you put extensions on a bald head? Doesn’t make sense. Stay of the crack and maybe your thoughts and words will come together. Hell, maybe your face will start looking less deformed. (doubt it but worth a try). Doesn’t matter even if he was bald, at least he tries to look decent. Can’t say as much about you. Just the thought of you made me throw-up in my mouth. YUCK
    Sincerely, Dexter’s friend Achilles

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