Kelly Osbourne Booed & Bottled Off The Stage

The Wharf reports that Kelly Osbourne received an unexpected, and unwanted, welcome at the Dome where she stormed off the stage after the crowd threw plastic bottles and other objects at her at the Snickers Game On party in Greenwich on Sunday (June 22). Kelly told the crowd after her performance of ‘Shut Up’: “Okay you might fu**ing well hate me, but I’m here for another half- an-hour.” But she only managed another 10 minutes on stage before cutting short her gig by 20 minutes.

Kelly Osbourne Loves To Be Hated

Kelly Osbourne tells Radio 1 that she’ll enjoy performing on her forthcoming UK tour with Robbie Williams, whatever the audience reaction. “It’s true when they say you turn into a different person, because you do,” she explained. “And you like it when they love you but you love it even more when they hate you. Cos to piss them off is just the best. Wind them up, give them back what they give you. They try as hard as they can but to no avail. It’s fun – I like a bit of trouble.”

Kelly Osbourne’s Madonna Bash Mirrors Her Own Plight

Kelly Osbourne tells News of the World she wants to borrow one of Madonna’s songs, but she may have spoiled her chances by bashing the singer’s acting talents. “My thought is try it once, and if I suck at it I’m not going to do it any more,” Osbourne said. “Give her credit for trying, but why keep it up when you suck at it?”

Kelly Osbourne Says Don’t Blame Parents On Jack’s Troubles

Claire Donelly of The Mirror spent a night out with Kelly Osbourne in Los Angeles, where she talked about her brother Jack’s substance about and how her mother Sharon had blamed herself and the family’s showbiz lifestyle following the success of ‘The Osbournes.

“When you read interviews with celebrities’ kids and why they’ve screwed up it’s always about their father never being there,” she explains. “They use that as an excuse. I can’t relate to that crap. You just think fu**ing shut up. I don’t think Jack’s problems were about having Ozzy Osbourne as a dad, it was about growing up. He got so wrapped up in trying to be this cool kid everyone loved he got frightened people wouldn’t like him and so he tried to impress. I suppose an element of that is the show but I don’t regret it. You make your own choices no matter who your parents are.”

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