Kelly Osbourne Confronts Busted’s Bourne In London

After had exchanged some words in the press with the guys from Busted, Ozzy’s spawn ended up running into James Bourne at London club Umbaba, prompting her to confront the former Busted member. “Kelly came right up to James and said, ‘Have you been saying bad things about me’,” a source revealed to The Mirror. “He said he had nothing against her and wanted to put their ‘beef’ behind them.” Later, Bourne was almost hit by a flying bottle from a girl trying to pick a fight with Osbourne.

The story at has since been removed.

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3 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne Confronts Busted’s Bourne In London

  1. concreterose says:

    What is wrong with this child ? She always feels the need to diss others for no reason at all. I hate how she thinks she has a right to diss other’s looks when she is ugly as hell. She’s such a mess. If I were her mom or dad, I would be embarrassed as hell. I am glad they responded back.

  2. SaNKa says:

    Good on you Kelly. I wouldn’t put up with people talking ***** about me either. Even though shes a total brat its good she sticks up for herself

  3. ihatehilary says:

    that beef comment sure sounded like a jab at how fat she is to me!

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