Kelly Osbourne Explains All That Eye Makeup

In an interview with Top of the Pops, explained why she wears so much eye makeup. “To tell the God’s honest truth the reason why I put so much make-up on my eyes is because I look about 2-years-old without it on,” Kelly admits. “Everyone goes, ‘Ahhhh, you look like a little cherub’, and I’m like ‘thanks a lot!’. It makes me look and feel older so I pack it on! I don’t put any foundation on, I just use cover-up, black eyeliner and powder. Luckily I’ve got alright skin.”

Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Threaten Rehab On Kelly

The London Star reports Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have threatened to send daughter Kelly Osbourne to rehab, to curb her recent drinking binges. Kelly says, “They’re like, ‘If you come home drunk, or cause any more trouble, that’s it! We’re sending you away.'”

Gives Best Wishes To Kelly Osbourne

called The Mirror on Tuesday to pass on best wishes to Kelly Osbourne who collapsed last week. He revealed that Kelly was due to meet him for dinner last Thursday, which was the night she got sick. “I hope she’s made a full recovery. She’s a great girl,” Bedingfield said. “We met a few times in the States and have become friends. I’m hoping to go out with her over here when she gets back.”

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