Kelly Osbourne Faces MTV Ban After Aguilera Diss

The Sunday Mail reports Kelly Osbourne faces a ban from MTV events for her onscreen attack on at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Music channel executives confronted the cherubic 19-year-old in her dressing room at the award ceremony. They branded her behavior “childish and unnecessary” and warned Ozzy’s daughter she might be banned from the channel’s future events. An MTV insider confirmed, “Backstage producers made it very clear they were really annoyed. They felt it was in bad taste. Put it this way, Kelly’s certainly not on their list for the next MTV awards.”

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10 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne Faces MTV Ban After Aguilera Diss

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    Like Christina said “Honey if you can dish it out, you have to learn how to take it back”, that was so funny, I’m glad I won’t see that fat Belly Osbourne on MTV anymore, I just feel bad for her when I see her, she must be really brave to show that ugly face everywhere.

  2. SpiceSquirrel says:

    I’m glad Christina put that fat no-talent cow in her place!

  3. OohSexxy says:

    It’s good for Kelly she needs to grow up , oh yea she’s 19!

  4. Carrie says:

    I’m glad for Christina. All these pop stars hate her and she’s getting her revenge one way or another. That blow up doll she gave Justin, resembling Britney, was hysterical. I’m sure she hates Britney. There’s been bad blood there for years. Kelly Osbourne hates her and publicly disses her along with her mother. I’m glad Christina dissed her back by throwing darts at a picture of her. Hey, what goes around comes around. I believe in Karma.

  5. Stallion says:

    That Osbourne show just made everybody hate Kelly Osbourne.

  6. Candee says:

    I don’t get why she’s so mad. She talks crap about Christina all the time. Does she really think Christina would be afraid of her? I’m surprise Christina didn’t clown he no-talented ass more. She certainly deserves it.

  7. Cicero says:

    Ouch! She can’t expect to get away with blasting the hostess. I’m glad Christina didn’t attack Kelly more, and I’m very glad that she didn’t attack Sharon or anything like that, though.

  8. hellahooked says:

    That’s pretty unfair seeing as Christina was in the ‘mini’ fight as well and was acting like a total bitch. Didn’t Christina start it? By saying she didn’t want to walk the red carpet if Kelly is present?

  9. weebongo says:

    Christina looks so sad dissing Kelly. She is only a teenager and Christina is an old hag. Why would an old hag like her waste her time on a teen. It makes Christina look even dumber than Kelly.

  10. fists-of-fausto says:

    They are both retarded for acting like children in 100 million people. But Christina comes across like the bigger bitch for starting the whole thing at the EMA’s and not remaining a gracious hostess for the evening. Just more proof that the ho has no class!

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