Kelly Osbourne Feels Responsible For The Used Popularity

Kelly Osbourne opened up about her failed relationship with The Used frontman Bert McCracken to Josh Bell of Las Vegas Weekly. Asked if she felt responsible for The Used’s popularity, she said yes and explained, “It bothers me because certain members of that band blame me. And I think that is a big reason why me and Bert aren’t together, was because he thinks it was because of me. And I just think it’s really stupid. And my point is, they’re like, ‘We never wanted to be famous.’ And I was like, why do you make music videos, and why are you in a band? What do you expect?” She added, “I mean, he broke my heart. I had never been in love before. I still love him very much. But he just broke my heart. He cared more about hooking up with a different chick every day and being on the road and living that sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll life and pretending to be [deceased Nirvana singer] Kurt Cobain than realizing that the only real thing that he can ever hold onto are his friends and his family, and he’s lost both of those.”

Kelly Osbourne Is A Nighclub Sk8r Grrl

Kelly Osbourne skateboarded between nightclubs Deluxe and The National in Hollywood, California with the help of a boyfriend on Wednesday (April 9).

Avril & Kelly Like, Totally Conversate Or Something

Spin magazine overheard a conversation between Kelly Osbourne and Avril Lavigne at the BMG Post Grammy bash. Avril said, “They keep wanting to take our pictures, and I just want to chill! So what are you, like, going to do tomorrow?” Kelly responded, “Don’t know, what about you?” Avril said, “Dude, I totally plan to be hung over all day! But I have to be up at 6 PM to do, like, ‘Carson’ or something.”

Kelly Excited To Open For Robbie

Kelly Osbourne has commented on the opportunity to open for Robbie Williams on his summer tour of the UK. She says, “I was so excited when I was asked to do the Robbie Williams tour because I have been a fan since Take That days. I can’t wait until the summer comes.” The Escapology tour kicks off in Edinburgh in June.

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  1. Koran says:

    Bert wants to be like kurt cobain… in your dreams you dirt bag filthy emo, find your own style of life don’t imitate others a**hole!

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