Kelly Osbourne Finds A Boyfriend Like Her Pop

The Sun reports has found love in 20-year-old Bert McCracken, frontman of thrash-metallers The Used. “In the past I was attracted to real morons but I’ve found myself a very nice person now,” said Kelly. She added, “And Bert will probably be in the next series of ‘The Osbournes’. But when I told him he said, ‘I don’t care.’ I like him. I was always thinking I would never get a boyfriend then I met Bert. He’s very honest, speaks his mind and is so sweet. He’s fun and cute.” Read more.

Almost Killed Jack With A Rock

Globe magazine reports has admitted to almost killing her brother Jack in a big fight a few years ago. “Jack threw a rock at me and it hit me in the back,” she said. “So I picked one up and threw it and it cracked his head open. That was years ago.” While the two still fight, they also give each other big hugs daily and she feels very protective of him. “Me, I know who I am, what I like and what I don’t,” she said. “Jack hasn’t found himself yet. He’s still really insecure.”

Kelly Osbourne Calls Emmy Awards Red Carpet Boring

Kelly Osbourne described her visit to the Emmy Awards to “F—in’ boring,” the 18-year-old lamented. “And I’m sorry, but the red carpet s—s big b—s too. Who the f— wants to wait in line to talk about themselves? You wait in line to get interviewed and talk about yourself! ‘Hello, camera! Hi, take a picture of me, please!’ It’s so dumb.”

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