Kelly Osbourne, First Time In Mexico

Contributed by nobodysfool: reports that Ozzy’s little girl, is going to perform in the Acafest in Acapulco, Mexico on May 23rd. She is going to be in the same place as Papa Roach in “Jardin del Sur” (South Garden). Kelly was accepted instead of t.A.T.u., because the producers of the festival said that t.A.T.u. is not a good choice for a family show. Also, they were asking too much. As a part of their show, they wanted 300 young ladies, under 16, dressing like the t.A.T.u. girls in their first video ‘All The Things She Said’. The producers of the show refused.

Ozzy & Only Come As A Packaged Deal

The Daily Star reports that Sharon Osbourne is in talks with record companies about a new deal for hubby Ozzy and daughter Kelly Osbourne, netting the family even more millions. “She believes she can offer the pair in a special package deal and their level of fame in the U.S. is about as high as it gets,” said an insider.

Wasn’t Recording A Second Album

The Osbournes’ publicist, Lisa Vega, called the departures of Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne, “an amicable split.” She denied a report in US Weekly magazine that Sony had dumped Kelly from its roster as she was finishing up work on a second album. “She was not recording a second album,” Vega told Reuters. A source close to the label dismissed the notion that Sony was unhappy with Kelly’s debut album, ‘Shut Up’.

Kelly Osbourne Denies Ethan Embry Romance

Kelly Osbourne recently spent an evening holding hands with actor Ehtan Embry, even buying him roses from a street vendor. “Ethan took the flowers and jokingly punched her in the arm,” says a witness. Asked later by Us Weekly if she was dating Ethan, Kelly responded, “Ewww, no way! He’s a nice guy, and he knows my friend, but he’s got a kid, you know?”

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