Kelly Osbourne Hates Her Debut Album quotes on her debut album ‘Shut Up’ with former label Epic: “I hate the album I did with them anyway. A lot of people who work for record companies have to suck corporate co**.”

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7 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne Hates Her Debut Album

  1. Fausto-A says:

    Oh god now she wants to distance herself from that turd… Poor Kelly,, don’t worry your life as a celebrity will be over soon!

  2. B0rntoplay says:

    It wasn’t THAT bad. Wasn’t good, either.

  3. shadybaby says:

    She should just stick to TV.

  4. olivia1984 says:

    No Kelly, you are the only one that has to do that.

  5. xtinarox says:

    She is only famous because of Ozzy..her music sucks anyways

  6. Cicero says:

    What a coincidence, Kelly. So do most people!

  7. E-Moo says:

    So all you guys that “hate” the album have all gone out and heard ALL the songs from it right? You’re not just basing this on the not-so-great song “Shut Up” are you? Because the album has some really good songs on it that weren’t released as singles and I would hate for someone to be passing judgement on something they haven’t properly been informed on.

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