Kelly Osbourne Hooks Up With McFly’s Danny Jones

A source tells The People that was spotted cuddling up to McFly singer Danny Jones at London’s Umbaba club on Friday. “They weren’t going to be distracted by anything,” the source said. A McFly spokesman responded: “They’ve been out before. I don’t know if he’s seeing anyone right now.”

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4 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne Hooks Up With McFly’s Danny Jones

  1. embo says:

    thought she was dating beji maddon

  2. lilsongwritergal says:

    No’, ‘Josh Madden you idiot.’

  3. ihatehilary says:

    what about josh?

    No…’, ‘doesn’t look like josh anymore either. I hope Hilary follows her lead. but p.s. MM did post a story about kelly and josh aka “benji” cuz everyone with a tattoo or piercing is automatically benji. hell, they can’t even tell benji and Joel apart half the time!

  4. concreterose says:

    This Danny Jones person must be blind and if he isn’t I feel so sorry for him. He has to look at that annoying piece of *****.

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