Kelly Osbourne Learned Of Mom’s Colon Cancer By Phone

WENN reports has revealed how she learned her mother Sharon was suffering from colon cancer.

“I found out in a really awful way. I was out to dinner with friends and I got this phone call saying, ‘Mum’s got cancer, come home’ and I was like, ‘What?’ “I was hysterical in the middle of the fu**ing restaurant in New York and I went home and couldn’t stop crying, it was fu**ing awful,” she revealed. “The way it was said made it seem like, ‘Your mum’s got terminal cancer’ but if you could have any type of cancer from one to ten, this is like 0.5. You just have to have the chemo to make sure.”

Kelly Has No Reason To Sniff Coke To Fill Void

World Online chatted with about life as a child of a Hollywood celebrity, and the bad road many of those kids go down. “I’m very conscious of the pitfalls of the LA lifestyle, particularly children with famous parents,” she admits. “But that’s because their parents don’t talk to them – I know so many celebrity kids who are fu**ed up because they are ignored and their parents would rather be seen out at a party. The kids just end up locked in their homes sniffing coke to fill that void inside. I have no reason to rebel – what have I got to rebel against? Everything I’ve ever wanted to do, my parents have helped me with.”

Kelly Says Jack Isn’t A Bit Of A Geek, He’s A F’ing Geek

The Mirror reports is sort of sticking up for her brother Jack telling the Channel 4 4 Show Fame In The Family, “Our relationship is very extreme. We are close, but sometimes we hate each other. We stick up for each other now. A guy recently said to me, ‘I like your brother but he’s a bit of a geek’. Excuse me, I said, my brother’s a fu**ing geek!” For his part Jack says, “Kelly’s very overprotective of me.”

Kelly Osbourne Steams After Getting Booted From Selfridges

Kelly Osbourne is complaining after being asked to leave a top London store. “Selfridges should fu**ing pay me to shop there,” she fumed. “They threw me out because a woman and her Hooray Henry children complained about my attire, saying it was a shame someone so pretty could make themselves look so unattractive.”

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