Kelly Osbourne Loses Weight & Goes Blonde

took part in an MSN chat the other day and was quizzed about how she managed to recently lose weight. “I have lost weight but not by choice,” she said. “So I really wouldn’t know any tips. Everyone has been saying it but I’m feeling 18 in my body and I’m changing, but as for losing weight, I haven’t worked out a day in my life.” She added that she’s also changed her look with a new hair color. “It’s blonde, like ‘Children of the Corn’ bleached blonde,” she revealed. “I like it.”

Is Flying The Coop

The New York Post reports is on the verge of moving out of her parents Beverly Hills home, but she’s not going very far – about five blocks down the road. Kelly told Heat magazine that her mother Sharon has been emotional since she told her she was leaving the nest. “She’s been a blithering idiot ever since I got the new place,” Kelly said. “I bought it a couple of weeks ago and it’s mine in ten days.”

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