Kelly Osbourne On Sex, Drugs & Mary-Kate Olsen

Kelly Osbourne is talking sex for a new TV show ‘Life As We Know It’ and is offering her support to another teen in trouble – Mary-Kate Olsen. “I really think that they should just leave her alone because it is such a horrible thing to go through to kick something like that,” Kelly told ‘Access Hollywood’. “It’s not like you go to rehab and you’re cured — you have to deal with that for the rest of your life.”

For Kelly Osbourne, ABC Drama Is Right Show

The Houston Chronicle spoke with Kelly Osbourne about her role in the new ABC series ‘Life As We Know It’. Osbourne said, “It’s a whole new world for me, something I’m still getting used to.” She added, “It’s so much fun, and I get to work with such great people and great material. I think I might be doing this for a little while.” The series premieres September 23rd.

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6 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne On Sex, Drugs & Mary-Kate Olsen

  1. galleta says:

    I agree with the freak for once, its hard to get clean and stay clean, and having cameras following you around is stressful, leave mary-kate alone let her get better without all the media attention.

  2. Cabati says:

    Totally. Ok, the newspapers got their story. She’s anorexic. Now they need to let it go and let her recuperate.

  3. EdwardAlex says:

    Its not anorexia its coke. A friend of mine who goes to NYU has seen both of them doing lines while out on the town. No joke

  4. Cabati says:

    ^ Really? Sad. I actually heard one story saying that coke was involved, but it said “alleged coke use” so I assumed it was just a fabrication. That’s heavy stuff though, I hope she gets help.

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    That’s no secret, anyone that’s run into the Olsen twins knows that Mary Kate is’, ‘notorious for disappearing. At first everyone thought it was to vomit, but little by little everyone found out it was coke. She does have an eating disorder, but that’s not what she’s in rehab for. It’s still really not something that everyone should focus so much on, because it’s hard enough to go through that never mind in the spotlight.

  6. nanda_lo says:

    I really can’t imagine myself with $100,000,000 in my bank account!!! :D’, ‘Juuuuust kidding! It must be hard for them, that’s for sure… but it’s sad to see young girls like them going into drugs… it’s actually VERY sad.

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