Kelly Osbourne On Text Messaging

‘Top Of The Pops’ caught up with Kelly Osbourne for a Q&A session on her text messaging habits. The singer was asked what was the most embarrassing text message she had ever sent to somebody by accident and responded, “Embarrassing? I’m really careful with my text messaging. I’ve read my friends text messages that are embarrassing though. Like my two friends that were dating, we have the same phone and I picked it up and I started getting these text messages and I was like ‘What is this? What is this?’ and they were like, really naughty, like dirty text messages, and I was like ‘WHO IS THIS?’ And then I realized that I had her phone and she had mine. It was really embarrassing.”

Kelly Osbourne Visits MuchMusic

Kelly Osbourne visited MuchMusic on April 18th to promote her new single ‘One Word’. The singer was asked about the advice her father Ozzy Osbourne provided for her career, and she responded, “There’s one thing he always says to me when you have a bad show: What happens on the stage, just leave it on the stage. Because I’m one of those people where if the mic goes out or if I don’t hit the right key, I get in a bad mood for two days.” As for the influence her mother Sharon has provided, Kelly said, “My mom has never not been there for me. Every single step of the way, my mom has been there, and I don’t think I could ask for anything more. Like I’m such a mama’s girl, and I’m a daddy’s girl, too, so it’s like — I just wrote them a letter this morning and FedEx’ed it to them because in two days it will be my dad’s one year sobriety date.”

The entire transcript at has since been removed.

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